Professional Staff Development

The Professional Staff Development Committee is comprised of employees from offices and departments across the division. These individuals work tirelessly to develop and promote programs that educate, entertain, and celebrate staff.  Programs range in attendance of 10 to 150 from all levels of staff.
Some of the events that have been offered include the following:

  • State of the Division Breakfast 
  • Salute to Student Affairs Awards
  • Holiday and Summer Pot Luck
  • Social Opportunities - include off-campus happy hours and other outings (sporting events, etc.)
  • Professional Staff Development presentations, such as:
    • Riding the Struggle Bus vs. Having a Crisis: Recognizing Students in Distress and Learning How to Help by Alex Russell, MSW, College of Charleston, January 7, 2020
    • Learning Professional Resiliency: Required Skills and Attributes by Dr. Frank Ardaiolo, VP Emeritus, Winthrup University, October 9, 2019
    • Free Expression: The Student Affairs Approach by Maura Copeland, Esq. and Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, September 19, 2019

Staff Development Committee

Michael Duncan, Chair
David Aurich
Bucky Buchanan 
Holly Meadows
Ferne-Ruby Redford

Assessment and Planning Committee

Jeri Cabot, Chair 
David Aurich
Jill Caldwell 
Christian Johnson
Christine Workman

Assessment and Planning Committee Information

Assessment and Planning Information and Goals