Medical Attention

In the aftermath of a rape, one of the most immediate concerns is for the health and safety of the survivor.

  • Questions and concerns about sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and injury can be addressed by going to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) hospital immediately after a rape.
  • The adult sexual assault forensic exam is available to survivors within 120 hours (5 days) after the assault. This exam is conducted by a specially trained sexual assault forensic nurse examiner (SANE).
  • The exam includes a physical assessment, forensic evidence collection, prophylactic HIV/AIDS risk and information about medical follow up. .  This examination is free regardless of your choice to file and official police report or not and remain anonymous.

A student may request the adult sexual assault exam within 120 hours of the rape even without making a police report.  Evidence will still be collected and stored for 1 year.  This allows the student time to make an informed decision about whether to report a sexual assault.  If no police  report is made within a year, the evidence will be destroyed. A student who files a police report will be  transported by the police agency to the nearest hospital facility authorized to conduct the exam. This medical examination gives law enforcement  an opportunity to obtain any possible evidence necessary to support your case should you choose to handle this through the criminal justice process .   Evidence collection is based upon the account of the assault and may include:

  • Photos of the physical trauma
  • Fingernail scrapings or swabs
  • Oral, anal, and vaginal swabs sent to crime lab for DNA testing
  • Blood and/or urine for toxicology testing
  • Clothing worn at the time of the crime may be collected

MUSC Adult Emergency Department - there is no charge for the sexual assault forensic exam conducted within 120 hours of the rape.   Medical treatment that is not part of the sexual assault forensic exam is billable.

MUSC Adult Emergency Department
96 Jonathan Lucas St
Charleston, SC 29425

College of Charleston Student Health Services (843.953.5520)
The following services are available to survivors of sexual assault who are treated at Student Health Services. Please note that evidence for prosecution cannot be collected at this facility.

  • Examination and testing for STIs
  • Discuss ways to reduce the risk of pregnancy including emergency contraception (morning after pill)
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referrals for further treatment and counseling

If you are unsure of what you what you want to do, the victim assistance professionals at the Office of Victim Services Specialists can review your options with you. (843.953.2273)