College of Charleston Ethics Policy

On March 8, 2016 the College revised its Ethics Policy.

All members of our campus community are responsible for complying with the College’s Ethics Policy. 

It is the Policy of the College that all members of the College Community act in a manner
that, at a minimum, is consistent with all controlling laws and to otherwise conduct
themselves with honesty, fairness, transparency, and respect for the rights of others.

The College of Charleston takes its reputation for integrity very seriously. Board members,
faculty, staff, students, and even vendors have a responsibility to maintain the highest
legal and ethical standards. Covered Persons shall treat each other with civility and
respect. Honest discourse, fair comment and tolerance for the views of others are
expected in a community of scholars and are integral to the proper functioning of an
institution of higher education. Section 5.1 General Principles of the College of Charleston Ethics Policy 3/8/2016

The complete Ethics Policy on the College of Charleston policy web page can be viewed here:  9.1.9 Ethics Policy     (