Embrace Neurodiversity

What is neurodiversity?

Basically, it's the idea that people whose brains are wired differently from the "norm" should be embraced and celebrated!

While none of us is normal, this effort has focused on people with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, health impairments, and psychological disabilities.

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NOTICE:   Ableism is rescheduled to Fall, 2020     

Everyday Ableism: 
Unpacking Disability Stereotypes & Microaggression
with Dr. Amanda Kraus

 *** Ableism will be held this Fall, 2020 ..... (original dates were March 24, and April 7).

When we understand disability in a context of social justice and ableism, a cultural experience very much influenced by dynamics of power and privilege, we can begin to unpack the many ways disabled people are targets of bias and microaggressions.

This workshop will use research to identify stereotypes and microaggressions and explore how these ideas shape the disability experience, and also inform our personal and professional behaviors and attitudes.

For more information about Dr. Amanda Kraus:  https://www.coe.arizona.edu/amanda-kraus

If you require an accommodation to participate in this event,
 please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity at oid@cofc.edu or at 843.953.5079 


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The Brain    It takes all kinds of minds to make the world go ’round –

     including the kind that work differently from what’s considered “the norm.”
    "CofC Neurodiversity Initiative Seeks to Open Minds" - read this article from 
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