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Coming Up...This Fall, 2020

Everyday Ableism:
Unpacking Disability Stereotypes & Microaggression
with Dr. Amanda Kraus

Notice: This event is rescheduled to Fall, 2020.  (original dates were March 24, and April 7, 2020).

When we understand disability in a context of social justice and ableism, a cultural experience very much influenced by dynamics of power and privilege, we can begin to unpack the many ways disabled people are targets of bias and microaggressions.

This workshop will use research to identify stereotypes and microaggressions and explore how these ideas shape the disability experience, and also inform our personal and professional behaviors and attitudes.

For more information about Dr. Amanda Kraus:

If you require an accommodation to participate in this event,
 please contact the Office of Institutional Diversity at or at 843.953.5079


Previous Neurodiversity Lectures and Events

A Life Beyond Reason and the Life Worth Living - Feb 26, 2020 

Chris Gabbard discussed his book, A Life Beyond Reason: A Father’s Memoir (Beacon Press, 2019).

Shortly after the birth of his son, Gabbard's interests veered into Disability Studies, and eventually he began to question Socrates’s dictum that “The unexamined life is not worth living”. 

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Events in October, 2019

* Call for Creative Art Works  - What Does Neurodiversity mean to you?

Read more here including a pdf showing the artists' work


* Universal Design for Learning  - How to help others embrace neurodiversity.  October 9, 2019

Universal Design for Learning presentation  pdf - Dr. Cindi May and Dr. David Deslaces 

Universal design is a “smart” approach that considers the needs of all people,....
Read more here with videos and photos...


* October 16,  Mental Health and Intersectionality.   How do race, gender, and sexual orientation affect mental health?  

The Intersectionality & Mental Health presentation combines a multidisciplinary approach to topics such as stereotyping,
implicit bias, social identity and other over​-arching aspects of discrimination in mental health care in the United States
and on our campus. The purpose of this brown bag lunch is to inform our community of about the mental health consequences of belonging to marginalized social groups on campus and beyond.

This presentation was given by

Ms. Rachael McNamara's presentation -  pdf  -  Neuroplasticity, Intersectionality & Mental Health Continued 

Dr. Clarence Spicer's presentation - pdf - Stereotypes and Implicit Biases

Ms. Reagan Williams' presentation - pdf - Addressing Our Social Identities, Stigmas & Perceptions of Mental Health

Read more here with videos and photos.....


* October 23, Beyond Accessibility: The conversation with no easy or fixed answers

Reviewing Accessibility Issues on the College of Charleston Campus  pdf. 
Presentation by James Ward, Landscape Architect 

Universal design is the standard by which we judge the efficacy of design today. Its value in providing a more solid basis for mutual care as well as independence for everyone in the community is self-evident....

Read more here with video and photos....


* October 28, Building an Inclusive Workforce: Demystifying Employment for People with Disabilities

Demystifying Employment for People with Disabilities pdf.  Presentation by Dr. Laura Owens

Businesses need employees with the ability to adapt to different situations and environments and individuals with disabilities, more than any other group, have to be resourceful to get through daily situations.

Read more here with video and photos....