LGBTQ+ Resources

The College of Charleston supports members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies through various campus offices, student groups and programs such as the Gender, Sexuality Equity Center, Multicultural Student Programs and Services(including Safe Zone), and Prism

United through an initiative known as Out Front, these offices follow this guiding statement:

We are a diverse collection of people across the College of Charleston campus who work for LGBTQ+ representation, justice, and community. We work to enhance the quality of existing initiatives while also identifying and allocating the resources required to activate an evolution of how we serve LGBTQ+ communities.

We cross the boundaries of institutional divisions and territories, focusing on the thorough and safe development of LGBTQ+ student leaders--while also recognizing that institutional change is not inspired through just one office or focus. We are a coalition with many distinct values, working together to achieve substantive goals and dreams for an equitable campus. We believe in the power of teamwork, and that collaboration itself is generative--and regenerative, contributing to empowered locales in a historically unsafe space.

We believe in the moral imperative to fully consider LGBTQ+ life on campus, in Charleston and the region, and in the spaces that connect us. We believe in intersectional visibility, in the dignity of queer and trans people of color, and in the historicity of everyday traumas queer people face. We fight for queer power. We invest in the transformative hope of community and organic cultural work, and we are excited by the potential we have at the College of Charleston to be a leader in our region for serving LGBTQ+ communities.


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