Student Affairs Division Goals

Goal 1: Expand Programming - Develop a Programming Implementation Plan designed to provide staff and students with intentional programming efforts that provide increased and more comprehensive on-campus and off-campus events and program options.

Goal 2: Increase Experiential Learning - To establish a Task Force for Experiential Learning in order to develop co-curricular services and programs that compliment student learning, leadership and professional and personal development.

Goal 3: Diversity and Student Retention Efforts - To develop programs and services that support the increase of the retention of students from diverse backgrounds by 15%.

Goal 4: Increased focus on Student Health, Safety and Wellness - To provide services in order to create and maintain a healthy, civil and safe campus and reduce student participation in high-risk behaviors.

Goal 5: Division Brand and Personnel - To better market the expertise of the Division of Student Affairs, including its 15 departments and over 250 staff, in order to establish a brand associated with high quality co-curricular service and program delivery, where students can LIVE. LEARN. and GROW.