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Professional Staff Development

The Professional Staff Development Committees are comprised of employees from offices and departments from across the division. These individuals work tirelessly to develop and promote programs that educate, entertain, and celebrate staff.  Programs range in attendance of 10 to 150 staff from all levels of staff.

Staff Development Committee

Michael Duncan, Chair 
Bucky Buchanan 
Emma Waugh 

We always welcome new members on our committees. For more information, please contact the chair of that committee directly.

Special Events Sub Committee

 Purpose: The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide bi annual celebration and recognition events, along with at least one other special program each semester.  

    • State of the Division Breakfast
    • Student Staff Appreciation Reception 
    • Salute to Student Affairs Awards                    

Social Sub Committee 

Emma Waugh, Chair
Chris Bond 
Freddie Lipata
Joy Heinzman

Purpose: The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide engaging opportunities/programs for all members of the Division to develop relationships and networks outside of normal job responsibilities and areas.   

    • Orientation Coffee Dates - all new employees who have joined the Division are invited to a coffee date with committee members.
    • Holiday and Summer Pot Luck
    • Social Opportunities - include off-campus happy hours and other outings (sporting events, etc.)

Education & Communication Sub Committee

Bucky Buchanan, Chair
Marnette Bowen
Pam Grant
Talim Lessane
Anne Osowski

Purpose: This sub-committee serves as the voice of the Staff Development Committee by posting and disseminating all relevant programmatic information in a consistent and timely manner.  This group is also charged with creating unique educational and training opportunities for the Division’s employees.  The committee also produces the Five on Friday email communication on all the Fridays of the month, except for the first Friday when Executive Vice President Alicia Caudill produces it.

Assessment and Planning Committee

Jeri Cabot, Chair 
Deborah Mihal
David Aurich
Jill Caldwell 
Christine Workman

Assessment and Planning Committee Information

Assessment and Planning Information and Goals