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Revised Academic Calendar

Because of our loss of class days, the College of Charleston has a revised academic calendar for the 2017 Fall Semester.

The revised calendar is posted at

Important changes from Provost Brian McGee:

Some dates have not changed.  The Thanksgiving holidays will be held as originally scheduled.  Reading Day, the final examination period and the date for December commencement have not changed.  There are no changes to the schedule for Express II courses. 

However, there are several important changes you should note:

  • The Attendance Verification date for faculty has been extended to September 15. 
  • A makeup day has been scheduled for Saturday, October 7.  October 7 will be treated as a regular Friday for purposes of class meetings. 
  • A makeup day has been scheduled for Sunday, October 15.  October 15 will be treated as a regular Wednesday for purposes of class meetings.
  • Previously, Fall Break was scheduled for October 16-17.  The Fall Break has been eliminated, and courses will be held on a normal schedule for those days. 
  • Additional storm days have been designated for November 4-5, given the possibility of additional inclement weather during the current semester. Courses will be held on those dates only if needed in the event of future course cancellations. 

Students enrolled in Express I courses should review the revised calendar.  Beginning tomorrow, students in the Charleston Bridge Program will find a revised Fall 2017 academic calendar on the Charleston Bridge Program channel in MyCharleston. 

Regrettably, the revised calendar will pose challenges for some students, staff, and faculty in respecting religious obligations and managing work schedules.  The College is committed to using both Saturdays and Sundays for makeup days, as we know that religious observances occur on both weekend dates for the members of our community.  We understand as well that the elimination of the Fall Break will interfere with some travel and family plans. 

Some people have asked if the College is required to make up for lost class time.  The short answer to the question is federal and other regulations necessitate that we have a makeup plan.

Please Join us for the 9th Annual No Violence - No Victims Candlelight Vigil September 28, 2017 6:45pm Cistern Yard

No Violence - No Victims Candlelight Vigil Sept 28, 2017 6:45pm Cistern Yard


Student Affairs Mission 

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to the development of all students and to facilitating their cultural, social, emotional, physical, ethical and intellectual development so they may become responsible, respectful, and effective individuals. 

Student Affairs Values 

We value the holistic development of our students and their growth as globally-minded individuals through experiential learning, as well as the modeling of ethical behavior and accountability.

Our Departments focus collaboratively on addressing six overarching themes:

Student Outreach and Support 
Student Involvement and Engagement
Diversity and Inclusion 
Applied/Experiential Learning 
Student Health 
Residential Living Experience 

Our Departments

Division of Student Affairs Organization Chart


As members of the College of Charleston community, we affirm, embrace and hold ourselves accountable to the following core values:  

Integrity:  Adherence to the highest ethical standards in all our professional obligations and personal responsibilities
Academic Excellence: Commitment to a dynamic intellectual community, high academic standards, strong academic programs, and a high-quality faculty of engaged and engaging teacher-scholars
Liberal Arts Education: Dedication to a liberal arts and sciences education that encourages intellectual curiosity and fosters each student’s ability to think creatively and analyze, synthesize, apply and communicate knowledge from many sources
Respect for the Individual Student: Devotion to the intellectual, ethical and social development of each student
Diversity: Commitment to a globally-oriented and diverse academic community
Community: Commitment to compassion, mutual trust, respect, civility, collegial shared governance, teamwork and the general welfare of the institution and the individual
Public Mission: Commitment to our social responsibilities and to serving the educational needs of the state of South Carolina and our community

         From College of Charleston Core Values:

         The College of Charleston Mission Statement


The Logo of the Division of Student Affairs, with the motto Live. Learn. Grow.