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1. Introduction

Randolph Hall

The purpose of this Handbook is to assist you in understanding your rights, freedoms, and responsibilities as a student. This Handbook is an official publication of the College. As a student, you will be held accountable for its contents. This means that while officially enrolled at the College you are responsible for abiding by its rules which are intended to facilitate and sustain, in an orderly fashion, the on-going business of the College.

At the core of the College of Charleston community are individuals from diverse backgrounds whose lives are intertwined in support of the uplifting of the human condition through comprehensive studies. As with all communities, there is a moral code of ethical behavior that binds participants together, and a body of official rules and regulations that defines personal freedoms and responsibilities. The latter is codified in the College of Charleston Honor Code and Code of Conduct – our Honor System.

 The codes and the conduct process for reporting and hearing violations are addressed in greater detail later in this publication.