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The Honor System


The Honor System of the College of Charleston is intended to promote and protect an atmosphere of trust and fairness in the classroom and in the conduct of daily life. The Honor System is composed of two major components: The Honor Code and the Code of Conduct. Specific policies fall under each major component. Students at the College of Charleston are bound by honor and by their enrollment at the College to abide by the honor and conduct codes and to report violations. Faculty and staff members are strongly encouraged to report violations of the Honor Code or Code of Conduct.

As members of the college community, students are expected to evidence a high standard of personal conduct and to respect the rights of other students, faculty, staff members, community neighbors, and visitors on campus. Students are also expected to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws.

Alleged violations of the Honor Code or Code of Conduct which are not admitted by the student will be heard by an honor board, a body composed of students, faculty, and staff members.

A student who admits to a violation of the Honor Code or Code of Conduct may elect to have the violation adjudicated by the reporting faculty member(s), a Student Affairs administrator, a disciplinary panel, or an honor board.