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The New Professional Sub Committee will be hosting a Summer Book Club again this summer.
We have selected the College Reads Book: Freedom Summer by Bruce Watson.
All are welcome to join us for the discussion on July 22nd.  You can request copies of the book from New Student Programs.

If you plan on participating, please RSVP to We will determine the time and location for the discussion based off of those who respond.

Happy Reading!

Ellen Cole Kilgore, Assistant Director for Fiscal and Administrative Services
Department of Public Safety, Office of the President, 89 St. Philip St., 843.953.4917

A Previously Held Important NASPA Webinar

  • I want to be an Ally, but don't know how: Creating Supportive and Inclusive Campuses. February 23rd.

Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly more diverse. As more underrepresented groups emerge on our campuses it is important to consider the role an ally can play to help create supportive and inclusive environments. This webinar will explore key questions such as: What does it mean to be an ally?  Who gets to be an ally? Why does an allies voice have power?  The webinar will also engage participants in innovative practices for allyship and equip them with knowledge and competencies to holed themselves and others accountable as an ally for underrepresented groups on campus.

The recording of the presentation:
The slides from the webinar:

During the webinar two enlightening videos wer show.

You can view them here on YouTube: Cracking the Codes   and   Five Tips for being an ally

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