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SCCPA Spring Drive-In Conference happening Friday, April 13th at the LowCountry Graduate Center.

Greetings College of Charleston Student Affairs! 

I hope that you are each having a wonderful week, and it continues to go well. If you have not heard yet, the South Carolina College Personnel Association is holding it's annual spring conference right in your backyard at the College of Charleston Low Country Graduate Center, in North Charleston! We have a full line up of presenters for this conference, as it is themed around a topic that is very prevalent in the work we are doing within our positions: "We the People, Facing a Climate of Change on Campus. Higher Education campuses have always been venues for growth, learning, social discourse, and expanding thought. Now, more than ever, this proves to be the case. But what if the opinions of others challenge the values of our institution or our own personal values? Most, if not all of us, at some point have been faced with an issue on our campuses that challenges our thinking. There is always a point and counterpoint to be delivered. Some points may be more palatable than others, but facing the uncomfortable issues is what helps us to grow as a campus community."

It is our job as Student Affairs professionals to comfortable with the uncomfortable, but sometimes that is easier said than done. This conference should give everyone who attends the opportunity to discuss a multitude of different topics, all surrounding the changing climate on our campuses in SC. This conference is also a great way to meet new professionals throughout the state and create opportunities for collaboration in the future.  I hope that you will consider joining us on April 13th, as I think it will be a wonderful day of learning and professional development for all. You can register for the conference here: If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bret Koch ( or myself ( for more information. 

I hope to see you there!

Lee Roddick

Staff Events

Please participate in our educational Staff Events.

Student Affairs Staff Development Committee

Michael Duncan (chair) 
Teresa Smith 
Diane Cumbie 
Joe Vallee 
Emma Waugh 

We always welcome new members on our committees. For more information, please contact the chair of that committee directly.

Special Events – Joe Vallee, Chair

Purpose: The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide bi annual celebration and recognition events, along with at least one other special program each semester.  

  • State of the Division Breakfast
  • Student Staff Appreciation Reception 
  • Salute to Student Affairs Awards                    

Social –  Emma Waugh, Chair 

Purpose: The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide engaging opportunities/programs for all members of the Division to develop relationships and networks outside of normal job responsibilities and areas.   

  • Orientation Coffee Dates - all new employees who have joined the Division are invited to a coffee date with committee members.
  • Holiday and Summer Pot Luck
  • Social Opportunities - include off-campus happy hours and other outings (sporting events, etc.)

Education & Communication – Diane Cumbie, Chair

Purpose: This sub-committee serves as the voice of the Staff Development Committee by posting and disseminating all relevant programmatic information in a consistent and timely manner.  This group is also charged with creating unique educational and training opportunities for the Division’s employees. 

  • SA Talk - Last Friday of every other month in Stern 201