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Absence Memo Office

Students are expected to attend all classes.  Non-urgent/non-emergent situations (i.e. wedding, medical and/or counseling appointments, etc.) should be addressed by the student during times that do not interfere with the student’s course schedule, just as one would if s/he was seeking time off from an employer.

In the event that a student misses a class with a legitimate, documentable reason, that student may bring documentation to the Absence Memo Office located at 67 George Street (between Stern Center and Glebe Street) where the student may fill out a form with a schedule of missed class (es), dates missed, etc.  A representative from the Absence Memo Office will notify the appropriate faculty by E-mail.  Any missed assignments, class work, papers, tests, etc., are to be arranged between the professor and the student. It is important to note that the only individual who can authorize an excused absence is the professor of the missed class. 


Absences Relating to Chronic Medical Conditions

When a student has a chronic medical condition that will disrupt his/her class attendance, he/she should have their healthcare provider complete the Chronic Medical Condition Form and take it to Center for Disabilities Services for the student’s first absence of the semester. The students will be directed on the process regarding further absences. 


Absences Relating to Disabilities.

Students with physical or psychological disabilities are to contact the Office of Disability Services at 843.953.1431.  Information on this office may be located at

Please note: If absences become excessive, regardless of the reason, it is important you schedule an appointment with Undergraduate Academic Services Office (843.953.5674) to discuss academic issues.


Temporary Injury Affecting Mobility or Use of Dominate Hand or Arm

Students who experience temporary injury affecting mobility or use of dominant hand or arm should refer to the Temporary Injury webpage at for information on assistance.





The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law designed to provide students with greater access to and control over information contained in their educational records, while at the same time prohibiting, in most circumstances, the release of any information contained in those educational records without express written consent of the student. This law guarantees privacy of student records, open access by students to their records, restricted release of information to specified authorities or others only with written consent, and procedures allowing students to challenge the contents of their records. The law also requires that an inventory of records be maintained denoting the location, content, and any official review of students' records and identifying the staff member in charge of records and/or reviews. Notice of this law must be provided annually to all students. Forms necessary for obtaining access to student records are provided by the Office of the Registrar



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