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About Student Affairs

Experiential Learning in Student Affairs

We are campus life outside the classroom. We support the academic mission and enhance classroom experiences with services, programs and activities. Students learn and practice new life skills through the departments in the Division of Student Affairs.
Skills learned and practiced:

  • verbal communication
  • teamwork
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership
  • fitness - to last a lifetime
  • getting an internship, and a job
  • taking initiative
  • project management
  • service to the community
  • involvement
  • connections and networking
  • collaboration
  • self reliance, self help, mastering stress
  • importance of voting, integrity, respect, responsibility, accountability, fairness
  • independence, critical thinking
  • respect for others' values

The Departments in the Division of Student Affairs, located throughout campus, offer fantastic opportunities to practice important life skills.

The Student Affairs Leadership Team - SALT

The Division of Student Affairs produces or assists in producing these reports.

  • The Annual Security Report
  • The Student Handbook
  • Sexual Misconduct Resources Pamphlet