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Five on Monday

Five on Monday for Feb 5th

Monday, February 5, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to Five on Monday (but I liked this “Friday” image for pre-Valentine’s week, so I included it!)….

We made it to February! Even with some lovely snow days, January was busy!  Thank you to everyone for working to create a positive welcome/welcome back experience for our students – which included many late night and weekend engagements. And, more gratitude to all of you who met prospective Honors students and their families early Friday morning. (Jim Allison, Melantha Ardrey, Diane Cumbie, Michael Duncan, Bridget McLernon Sykes, and Stephanie Visser. Forgive me if I missed anyone!)

Here’s this week’s FIVE:

  1. Division Professional Development:  Wow!  We just have so many opportunities coming up through our traditional series of programming and some added new things, too. 
    • Are you up to the task of saving our profession from poorly designed rubrics?  Make sure you see the message from Michael Duncan (sent on 1/31) and join us for Rubric-Con.  Please note: you need to attend all three rubric saving workshops to participate.  

           Additionally, welcome these wonderful new chairs of two of our professional development sub-committees:

    • Emma Waugh (Career Center), Social - The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide engaging opportunities/programs for all members of the Division to develop relationships and networks outside of normal job responsibilities and areas.  
    • Joe Vallee (Residence Life), Special Events - The purpose of this sub-committee is to provide bi annual celebration and recognition events, along with at least one other special program each semester.

      2.  The recent weeks featured many of our areas collaborating to provide amazing and insightful programming.  Thank you to MSPS and Civic Engagement for your partnership with OID and the Religious Life Council to bring Reverend Risher to campus for our MLK program.  It was such a powerful talk. 

Rev.Risher and supporters

Left to Right:  Jim Grove, Religious Life Council; La’Nasa Clarkson ’19, Student; Kimberly Gailliard, OID; Reverend Risher; Evie Nadel, Community Relations; Chris Ciarcia, Center for Civic Engagement; Rochelle Johnson, MSPS. 

  3. Last semester, I had the privilege of work with Tony Meyer ’49 to reinstitute a tradition from the 1980s (yes, that’s long ago history now) – the Lunch Bunch.  We gather to share a meal together once per month with a small group of students and alumni.  We talk history and the future, share traditions and new ideas, and make caring connections.  If you have students you think would enjoy an invitation to one of our gatherings, please share their names with me.   (BTW – Tony Meyer is Class of 1949 and a longtime employee of the College who now works as an “emeriti volunteer” in Alumni Relations.  If you don’t know Tony, you need to meet him!) 

Here was last week’s Lunch Bunch (minus one student who had to leave for class):

Last Week's Lunch Bunch

Left to Right:  Alicia Caudill, Rénard Harris, Mikel Hannah-Harding ’19, Tony Meyer ’49, Olukemi Fatade ’19, Madison Baxley ’21, Sibby Harvey ’58, Najeema Washington (new employee in Alumni Affairs).   Not in photo: Lilly Bento ’21. Lilly and Madison are both in their first semester at the College as transfer new students.

4.Black History Month:  There are many wonderful programs and training opportunities happening in this month.  I hope you will all make effort to attend and support these events.  A student compiled and shared a calendar with me which features several different events sponsored by student organizations.  They love seeing us show up!

5.NPHC Step Show! Speaking of great events, many congratulations to Deronda Washington, our Program Coordinator in Fraternity and Sorority Life, for her work with our NPHC student leaders and many others to present another successful Step Show this past Saturday.  Sottile Theatre was packed! 


Students taking the stage to dance during a break in the performances. 

I LOVE watching students having joyful, healthy fun! 

As a reminder, to make our weekly messages more interesting send me photos or information you would like to see shared!
(And, JIM ALLISON, have you seen StuArt lately??)

Hope it is a great week!


Alicia Caudill, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Student Affairs
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC  29424


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