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Congratulations Graduates! Well done! We are proud of you!

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Our Student Affairs Mission 

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to the development of all students and to facilitating their cultural, social, emotional, physical, ethical and intellectual development so they may become responsible, respectful, and effective individuals. 

Our Student Affairs Values 

We value the holistic development of our students and their growth as globally-minded individuals through experiential learning, as well as the modeling of ethical behavior and accountability.

Experiential Learning in soft skills....that's Student Affairs

  - like leadership
  - verbal communication
  - teamwork 
  - conflict resolution.....

We are campus life outside the classroom. We support the academic mission and enhance classroom experiences with services, programs and activities.

Skill opportunities

 Learn and practice new life skills through the departments in the Division of Student Affairs: 

 - Campus Recreation Services  teamwork, fitness to last a lifetime, outdoor adventures, leadership, competition

 - Career Center: resume building, internships, getting a job and internship for entering freshman, graduate students and alumni

New Career Center Director Jim Allison Charts Ambitious Course

Center for Civic Engagement: taking initiative, project management, service immersion experiences, travel 

Collegiate Recovery Program: connections with other recovering students, involvement in fun, sober events, collaboration, service

- Open Meetings for learning on Tuesdays at 6:30pm Learn more 

- Read the new article about the College of Charleston Collegiate Recovery Program on

Counseling and Substance Abuse Services: self reliance, self help, mastering stress

Dean of Students: importance of voting, leadership, initiative, integrity, respect, responsibility, accountability, fairness

Disability Services: independence, initiative, critical thinking, respect for others' values

Fraternity and Sorority Life: leadership, conflict resolution

Higdon Student Leadership Center: leadership, communication

Multicultural Student Programs and Services: collaboration

Residence Life: conflict resolution, collaboration

Student Health Services: self reliance

Student Life: teamwork, verbal communication, collaboration 

Upward Bound and Pre-College Programs: critical thinking, initiative

Victim Services: initiative, communication, leadership

Our Division of Student Affairs Organization Chart

The Logo of the Division of Student Affairs, with the motto Live. Learn. Grow.