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Division of Student Affairs

  One Vision, One Goal, One Team

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated
to the facilitation of the cultural, social, emotional, physical, ethical and intellectual development of all students so that they may become responsible and effective individuals.

As educators,
the student affairs staff works to design active learning environments, offer quality services, provide diverse experiences and teach skills that enable students to develop personal value systems, explore, build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, discover the responsibilities of community memberships, promote their emotional and physical well-being and accept responsibility for their own development.

These goals
are the basis for a student affairs curriculum, which parallels and reinforces the academic curriculum. The division recognizes that the purpose of a liberal arts and sciences education is best met when both the student affairs curriculum and academic curriculum are strong. 


Jeri O. Cabot is
Interim Executive Vice President for Student Affairs
and Dean of Students

 Dean Jeri O. Cabot

Jeri Cabot is available at: