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Division of Student Affairs

Life Outside the Classroom? That is Student Affairs

Student Affairs is a Division that fulfills its Mission to the Students through its numerous departments.

Our Mission? We are dedicated to facilitating the cultural, social, emotional, physical, ethical and intellectual development of all students so that they may become responsible and effective individuals. The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to the development of all students that they may be responsible, respectful and effective individuals.

What do we do? - We are campus life outside the classroom. We support the academic mission and enhance classroom experiences with additional services, programs and activities.

Our Values?  We value the holistic development of our students and their growth as globally-minded individuals through experiential learning, as well as the modeling of ethical behavior and accountability.

Our Departments 

Organization Chart

The Faculty and Staff Guide to Student Affairs

The Logo of the Division of Student Affairs, with the motto Live. Learn. Grow.