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Division of Student Affairs

Our Mission

The Division of Student Affairs (One Vision, One Goal, One Team)  is dedicated to the facilitation of the cultural, social, emotional, physical, ethical and intellectual development of all students so that they may become responsible and effective individuals.

As educators, the student affairs staff works to design active learning environments, offer quality services, provide diverse experiences and teach skills that enable students to develop personal value systems, explore, build and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, discover the responsibilities of community memberships, promote their emotional and physical well-being and accept responsibility for their own development.

These goals are the basis for a student affairs curriculum, which parallels and reinforces the academic curriculum. The division recognizes that the purpose of a liberal arts and sciences education is best met when both the student affairs curriculum and academic curriculum are strong. 

Student Affairs Division Goals

  • Goal 1: Expand Programming - Develop a Programming Implementation Plan designed to provide staff and students with intentional programming efforts that provide increased and more comprehensive on-campus and off-campus events and program options. 
  • Goal 2: Increase Experiential Learning - To establish a Task Force for Experiential Learning in order to develop co-curricular services and programs that compliment student learning, leadership and professional and personal development. 
  • Goal 3: Diversity and Student Retention Efforts - To develop programs and services that support the increase of the retention of students from diverse back grounds by 15%. 
  • Goal 4: Increased focus on Student Health, Safety and Wellness - to provide services in order to create and maintain a healthy, civil and safe campus and reduce student participation in high-risk behaviors. 
  • Goal 5: Division Brand and Personnel - To better market the expertise of the Division of Student Affairs, including its 17 departments and over 350 staff, in order to establish a brand associated with high quality co-curricular service and program delivery, where students can LIVE. LEARN. And GROW.

Jeri O. Cabot 
Interim Executive Vice President for Student Affairs
and Dean of Students Dean Jeri O. Cabot